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Make Your Skillbase a Company Asset

The Good2use methodology can be best described as applying quality circle techniques to knowledge. Not just storing knowledge but making it both physically and intellectually accessible.
The methodology we employ can be divided between two stages.

Stage one involves the delivery and testing of a bootable knowledge base. This means establishing the criteria necessary to produce a knowledge base capable of handling, at a basic level, the task identified for it. Also of establishing the feedback system which will permit the knowledge base to grow and become more productive. This stage has both a technical and a human element. The work required at this stage is priced on a fixed-price basis.

Stage two is built on stage one. This involves analysing feedback from the users in an experts' forum in order to provide regular maintenance of the knowledge base. The processes used here will have been identified in stage one. We can manage this process on the basis of a monthly retainer and per hour billing. Alternatively, the client may wish to do this themselves.

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